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Flag poles ? FLASH version

FLASH poles are the most frequently selected poles by the various branches companies. Why? Because thanks to the usage of innovative technology of lacquering and grinding, their surface reflects the light and creates eyes catching reflections. But this is not the only one advantage?

Flag poles ? internal + version

Internal + version poles guarantee the continuous flag exposition regardless of the weather. We equipped them with rotary arm for the assembly of the flag (the wind tracker) which can be lowered without the necessity to lay down the pole. Flag lifting line is located inside the pole.

Flag poles ? internal version

We designed internal version poles in such way, that the flag pulling line can be located inside the pole. The access is protected with lock. It effectively protects the flag against theft. In this version of flag poles, the motion and exposition of the flag depend on the wind force.

Flag poles ? standard version

Standard version poles perfectly apt for presentation of colours. Flag?s motion depends on the wind force. During the windy weather, the flag stately flies on the pole.

Flag poles ? banner version

Banner version poles have special arm, installed on the pole head. Thanks to this, the flag is spread all the time. It simplifies the effective promotion of the company logo.

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